The Dr. Marie Lindsey Legacy Scholarship Fund

Honor Dr. Lindsey's Contributions to the Nursing Profession!

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Dr. Marie Lindsey's Contributions to the Nursing Profession

Dr. Marie Lindsey's journey from a nurse's aide to a pivotal figure in nursing education and advocacy exemplifies her transformative impact on the nursing profession. Her academic pursuits led her from an associate degree in nursing to a Ph.D., culminating in influential teaching positions at UIC and the University of St. Francis. However, Dr. Lindsey's most significant contribution may be her foundational role in establishing the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing (ISAPN), which has been instrumental in advocating for legislative changes that recognize and enhance the scope of practice for APRNs. Under her leadership, ISAPN became a critical voice for APRNs, achieving milestones like full practice authority in Illinois. Dr. Lindsey's advocacy extends beyond organizational boundaries, emphasizing the importance of political awareness and legislative involvement for APRNs to ensure the profession meets its full potential in serving community health needs.

Top 5 Achievements of Dr. Marie Lindsey

  1. Founding of ISAPN: Instrumental in establishing an organization dedicated to the advocacy and professional needs of APRNs in Illinois.
  2. Achievement of Full Practice Authority in Illinois: Played a crucial role in legislative advocacy that led to APRNs gaining full practice authority, a significant milestone for nursing practice in Illinois.
  3. Educational Leadership: Fostered the next generation of nurses through her roles as a faculty member at UIC and the University of St. Francis, impacting countless careers.
  4. Ph.D. in Nursing: Her decision to pursue and complete a Ph.D. in nursing, setting a precedent for lifelong learning and academic excellence in the nursing profession.
  5. Promotion of Political Awareness Among Nurses: Advocated for APRNs to be politically aware and engaged, understanding the direct impact of legislation on their practice and the health of their communities.

Throughout her career, Dr. Marie Lindsey has continuously given back to her community and to the profession of nursing. She is a role model for many, and now, we are proud to honor her Legacy by renaming the ISAPN APRN endowed Scholarship in her name.